Not just sharing information

The EMSC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which offers free public earthquake information services. Throughout the year, the EMSC collects seismological data from several member institutes, gathers testimonies from the populations affected by earthquakes, and presents real-time information about earthquakes to millions of people around the world.

Our mission and vision go beyond just sharing information. We are committed to build community, to create awareness about earthquake and tsunamis hazards, and to stand side-by-side with citizens living in earthquake-prone regions by providing them with scientific and emergency information that is most useful for them.

Collect & Disseminate

When an earthquake occurs, to assess as quickly as possible the characteristics of the seismic event is of primary concern for the affected population, the emergency responders, and the seismology community. At the EMSC we provide and maintain an integrated system for rapid determination and dissemination of earthquake parameters (e.g., location, magnitude, felt shaking intensity).


To dispose of reliable and consistent data and information is fundamental to conducting efficient research and evaluation of a seismic event. At the EMSC we promote and coordinate a seismological data bank by collecting seismic data and making them available to other international, national and regional institutes, within and beyond the Euro-Mediterranean area.


Information and communication are cornerstones in preventing risky behaviors. At the EMSC we contribute to the reduction of seismic risk by providing citizens with real-time information, safety tips, and participatory approaches to increase knowledge and build more disaster-resilient communities.


Knowledge is not a one-way road: scientists contribute to the general level of risk awareness in the population, but citizens can also give scientists precious insights that would otherwise have been overlooked. At the EMSC we strongly advocate for public participation in scientific research by engaging citizens in our citizen seismology project LastQuake.