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Real Time Information and Earthquake Notification services

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EMSC collects real time parametric data (source parmaters and phase pickings) provided by 70 seismological networks of the Euro-Med region. These data are provided to the EMSC either by email or via PDL (Product Distribution Layer). The collected data are automatically archived in a database, made available via an autoDRM, and displayed on the web site. The collected data are automatically merged to produce automatic locations which are sent to several seismological institutes in order to perform quick moment tensors determination.

For potentially destructive earthquakes, the EMSC operates an Earthquake Notification Service in which email/SMS/fax are disseminated to the registered end-users within 20-30 minutes on average after the earthquake occurrence. This service is free and registration is available here. The real time information services are purely automatic and deals with all events reported by the data contributors while the Earthquake Notification Service is a manual one, where the email/SMS notifications are disseminated by a seismologist on call to the end-users. The way the real time information services work is described in details in the following document:

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