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earthquake2020-10-23   18:24:41.08hr 43min ago30 M3.3 GUERRERO, MEXICO
   9 km San Luis de La Loma
 118 km Acapulco de Juárez
earthquake2020-10-23   18:22:30.08hr 45min ago3 M3.2 COSTA RICA
  21 km Sardinal
 151 km Masaya
earthquake2020-10-23   18:21:50.08hr 45min ago7 M3.0 GUERRERO, MEXICO
  14 km Amatillo
  39 km Acapulco de Juárez
earthquake2020-10-23   18:21:19.38hr 46min ago75mb4.2 GUATEMALA
  18 km La Gomera
  46 km Escuintla
earthquake2020-10-23   18:19:35.08hr 48min ago4 M4.2 OFFSHORE GUERRERO, MEXICO
  58 km Acapulco de Juárez
 330 km Álvaro Obregón
earthquake2020-10-23   18:07:35.49hr 00min ago100mb4.5 KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION
 731 km Kerikeri
 843 km North Shore
earthquake2020-10-23   18:00:55.09hr 06min ago52 M3.9 OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO
  14 km San Mateo del Mar
 202 km Tuxtla
earthquake2020-10-23   17:47:14.09hr 20min ago220ML4.1 JUJUY, ARGENTINA
 135 km San Antonio de los Cobres
 206 km San Salvador de Jujuy
earthquake2020-10-23   17:40:41.09hr 27min ago125ML2.9 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
  73 km Calama
 247 km Iquique
earthquake2020-10-23   17:17:57.09hr 49min ago2 M3.4 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
  19 km Wao
  45 km Marawi City
earthquake2020-10-23   17:07:00.810hr 00min ago9Md2.5 PUERTO RICO REGION
  17 km Yauco
  38 km Ponce
earthquake2020-10-23   17:04:13.010hr 03min ago17 M3.9 OFF COAST OF OAXACA, MEXICO
 112 km Salina Cruz
 236 km Tuxtla
earthquake2020-10-23   17:03:16.910hr 04min ago13Ml2.1 GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIF.
   6 km Ventura
  19 km Oxnard
earthquake2020-10-23   16:56:12.010hr 11min ago10 M3.7 SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
 107 km Bengkulu
 383 km Padang
earthquake2020-10-23   16:55:47.010hr 12min ago16 M3.9 OFF COAST OF CHIAPAS, MEXICO
 117 km Las Brisas
 167 km Tapachula
earthquake2020-10-23   16:53:19.610hr 14min ago-1MD2.7 WASHINGTON
  63 km West Valley
 111 km Tacoma
earthquake2020-10-23   16:49:30.210hr 18min ago16Md2.1 PUERTO RICO
   8 km Yauco
  22 km Ponce
earthquake2020-10-23   16:46:01.410hr 21min ago36ML2.3 SICILY, ITALY
   5 km Troina / Draginai
  57 km Catania
earthquake2020-10-23   16:39:37.510hr 28min ago5ML2.7 DODECANESE IS.-TURKEY BORDER REG
  15 km Émponas
 190 km Aydın
earthquake2020-10-23   16:36:29.110hr 31min ago5Ml2.2 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
  15 km Volcano
 357 km Honolulu
earthquake2020-10-23   16:35:20.010hr 32min ago15ML4.0 WESTERN IRAN
  18 km Rāmhormoz
  76 km Masjed Soleymān
earthquake2020-10-23   16:33:15.810hr 34min ago3Ml2.1 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   9 km Volcano
 338 km Honolulu
earthquake2020-10-23   16:29:55.410hr 37min ago128mb5.0 CATAMARCA, ARGENTINA
  29 km Fiambalá
 178 km San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca
earthquake2020-10-23   16:22:16.010hr 45min ago31ML2.7 AZORES-CAPE ST. VINCENT RIDGE
 173 km Sagres
 310 km Setúbal
earthquake2020-10-23   16:22:13.010hr 45min ago9 M3.4 OFFSHORE JALISCO, MEXICO
  14 km Cihuatlán
  29 km Manzanillo
earthquake2020-10-23   16:16:43.010hr 51min ago19 M3.6 OAXACA, MEXICO
  16 km Unión Hidalgo
 165 km Minatitlán
earthquake2020-10-23   16:06:22.311hr 01min ago80mb5.0 SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS
1013 km Ushuaia
1260 km Punta Arenas
earthquake2020-10-23   16:05:53.811hr 01min ago2Md2.0 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   9 km Volcano
 338 km Honolulu
earthquake2020-10-23   16:01:26.011hr 06min ago88ML2.6 TARAPACA, CHILE
  92 km Iquique
 238 km Tacna
earthquake2020-10-23   16:01:14.911hr 06min ago2Ml2.1 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   8 km Volcano
 338 km Honolulu
earthquake2020-10-23   15:38:38.411hr 29min ago5ML2.5 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  62 km Barstow
  94 km Victorville
earthquake2020-10-23   15:25:09.111hr 42min ago3Md2.0 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   8 km Volcano
 341 km Honolulu
earthquake2020-10-23   15:24:36.711hr 43min ago115ML2.7 ROMANIA
  12 km Lopătari
  50 km Buzău
earthquake2020-10-23   15:10:57.011hr 56min ago83 M4.2 KEPULAUAN BABAR, INDONESIA
 300 km Lospalos
 449 km Ambon
earthquake2020-10-23   15:01:20.010 M2.9 SULAWESI, INDONESIA
  97 km Poso
 125 km Palopo
earthquake2020-10-23   14:54:03.06ml2.2 NEVADA
   4 km Dayton
  41 km Reno
earthquake2020-10-23   14:51:02.010 M3.7 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA
  58 km Singkil
 148 km Binjai
earthquake2020-10-23   14:45:31.052ML2.8 TARAPACA, CHILE
  91 km Tocopilla
 133 km Iquique
earthquake2020-10-23   14:44:24.612Md2.6 PUERTO RICO REGION
  10 km Yauco
  26 km Ponce
earthquake2020-10-23   14:35:46.010 M2.6 SULAWESI, INDONESIA
  53 km Palopo
 149 km Parepare
earthquake2020-10-23   14:18:37.010 M4.3 SULAWESI, INDONESIA
  88 km Poso
 126 km Palopo
earthquake2020-10-23   14:08:19.85ML3.5 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
   8 km Ljubuški
  29 km Mostar
earthquake2020-10-23   14:06:29.050ML2.7 COQUIMBO, CHILE
  25 km Ovalle
  81 km Coquimbo
earthquake2020-10-23   14:01:52.09 M3.1 MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES
  61 km Dapa
 149 km Butuan
earthquake2020-10-23   13:54:36.61ML2.0 SICILY, ITALY
  21 km Acireale
  29 km Catania
earthquake2020-10-23   13:44:59.523ML2.9 SICILY, ITALY
  89 km Palermo
 231 km Naples
earthquake2020-10-23   13:43:01.34Ml2.0 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
   9 km Volcano
 338 km Honolulu
earthquake2020-10-23   13:40:25.050ML2.8 OFF COAST OF COQUIMBO, CHILE
 111 km Coquimbo
 377 km Valparaíso
earthquake2020-10-23   13:23:12.50ml2.3 NEVADA
  67 km Hawthorne
 213 km Clovis
earthquake2020-10-23   13:21:48.52ML2.8 DODECANESE IS.-TURKEY BORDER REG
  24 km Lárdos
 195 km Aydın
earthquake2020-10-23   13:12:58.111Md2.7 PUERTO RICO
  13 km Ponce
  76 km Bayamón
Bold : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 4.5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 5.5 in the world
Red : Earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 5 in Euro-med, or ≥ 6 in the world